Art For The Animals is a unique giving program that combines wildlife Donations and original folk art into extraordinary holiday gifts.

Your contribution to a participating conservation organization through Art For The Animals does much more than Donations usually do.

* It provides funds for conservation and research, education and training, protecting the lands, supporting endangered species, and working with the community.
* It provides income to artisans, supporting a community supporting itself and giving its people the incentive to preserve the environment that helps them flourish.
* It creates original art for you or your gift recipient to enjoy on any occasion.

There are a variety of donation packages to choose from, each representing a threatened or endangered species. So mouse over your favorite conservation and research organization on the left, click on your favorite animal, learn about the conservation programs you can support, and see the folk art you'll receive as our thanks for your donation.

Art For The Animals is a different and truly meaningful way to give.

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